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stonemason Aylesbury

Stonemason Aylesbury kitchen

The stonemason in Aylesbury of the R.A. Z brothers creates a unique beauty from decorative stone. We operate in and around Aylesbury. Here we use Black Stone For Kitchen, also in different client we put white. In this case, we used a conglomerate. As a expirenced stonemason in Aylesbury The properties of this material are abrasion resistance, high gloss, resistance to mechanical damage or weather conditions.
Another material used in our implementation was marble, which is a very hard stone. Black Stone For Kitchen or Marble is high temperature, abrasion and destruction. We recommend only the highest quality stones. An example is the Black Stone for Kitchen. Our stonemasons will carry out any project.

Stonemason Aylesbury marble bathroom

The stonemason in Aylesbury aslo made a beautiful marble bathroom. This is our Aylesbury project. The client requested a marble surrounding the bathtub, thanks to which it obtained a durable material for the bathroom. Marble is a very hard material, resistant to temperature, abrasion and destruction. It conducts heat well, thanks to which it heats up quickly and the bath becomes even more pleasant. Feel free to contact our specialists. We will implement every project.

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