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marble stone bathroom


It is a beautiful ornate stone from which many wonderful decor elements are made.
These are, for example, floors, walls, window sills and kitchen counter tops. We can also make stairs, sinks and fireplace enclosures from marble.
Marble is a material resistant to damage, with or without patterns. It can be in the form of small pebbles or whole blocks.
It is a material resistant to low and high temperatures and erosion. Remember, however, if marble is used outside, it may become dull after some time.
It is a naturally occurring material that conducts heat. It works well on floors with underfloor heating, because marble heats up quickly over the entire surface.

marble stone countertops
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Natural stone in the form of granite is used in all finishing elements. Granite provides the customer with a sense of luxury and functionality.
If we decide to use granite, we do not have to worry about damage that could appear on elements made of stone.
If we want to raise the standard of the house, it is worth choosing granite.
We can create from granite:
Kitchen worktops, decorate bathrooms (it is resistant to moisture), create a stone cube in front of the building (it is resistant to UV rays, low and high temperatures)

Natural quartz

It is one of the most popular finishing materials. This material has high quality parameters.
It is a hard material and has low water absorption. It is exceptionally resistant to all kinds of external factors,
such as e.g. mechanical damage.

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Additionally, Quartz has excellent aesthetic qualities. This type of material is often used as an alternative to natural stone.
It is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion, therefore it fits perfectly as a kitchen worktop. Due to its applications, such a counter top does not emit any poisonous substances, and it does not
fungi, moulds and other pathogens are formed. Therefore, it will fit perfectly as a kitchen counter top or can be used in hospitals, but also as a finish in the bathroom — you can create beautiful counter tops on which the washbasin will be placed.

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This material has very good physical properties. It is resistant to damage and weather conditions. It is hard to scratch or damage. This material is light, so it can be used in places where lighter natural stone is sought.

The biggest advantage of this material is that it can be used for kitchen counter tops and joined without visible seams. Thanks to this, the connection of the material cannot be seen.

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The most popular material for the production of quartz counter tops. It is a stone whose properties can be used as durable counter tops. Such counter tops show their unique aesthetics, are durable and come in a different colour palette, which allows us to use it in various arrangements and ideas in the kitchen. Quartz is characterized by a very high resistance to external factors. By impregnating the worktop, we gain greater protection of its surface against damage. Its resistance allows you to place hot pots on them, cut products and perform other necessary kitchen activities. The worktops are also poor less, which means that it is resistant to stains and bacteria. And it’s hot resistant, which means that they can be used in the most exploited kitchen on a daily basis.